About Us

Why we do what we do

The world of travel is changing and gone are the days when everyone went to the big High Street Travel Agent to book their holiday, having only a limited choice of accommodation and no Trip Advisor to rely on. Now, the world wide web is full of choices; sometimes too much. The age of the traditional travel agent, although limited for travellers, was far more straightforward. Now you can book independently, book via an online agent or an agent on the high street, you can organise your own multi-trip etc.; it really is endless which often brings with it stress and frustration.

We are a small and friendly company which allows us to not only to research and organise your itinerary but also to book this for you with Holidaysplease.  We are planning your holiday for you as if it were our own, taking care every step of the way to ensure your holiday is right for you.  We listen to what you want from your holiday, gain an understanding of your needs and your family’s needs and we research the market to find you the most suitable holiday.  We are not here to sell to you but to provide you with a manageable choice of itineraries which we have selected from the vast choice out there to help you narrow things down a bit.  Think of us as your own tailormade search engine!

Who we are

We are a small independent business based in Warwickshire.  Members of the team are all well travelled and are able to advise extensively on various forms of travel from a week of skiing in the Alps to a 16 night tour of Malaysia.  We like to provide useful and inspiring travel advice and if you wish to book a holiday, we are able to offer that service also.

Meet our Director


Hi, my name is Toni and I am passionate about making your holiday the best it can be.  I have been head over heels for travel since my first holiday abroad when I was 7.  Since then I have been very fortunate to have travelled to a number of places around the world.  I have spent a month traveling around Thailand, have explored most of Malaysia, sampled some of the finest beaches in Antigua and enjoyed snorkeling in the Maldives and Egypt.  I also relish a good city break and have very fond memories of Edinburgh, New York and Iceland and discovered a love for Vienna (and especially the sweet treats you can find there!).  One of my happiest holidays was spent touring Kefalonia and I was taken back in time in Cuba.  Travel enriches the soul and allows you to indulge in the cultures you become exposed to.  Sleep as they sleep, eat as they eat and do as they do and you will feed on those memories and experiences for a lifetime.

Happy travels!


We must thank Ben Sharp for nearly all of the photography that features on our website and remind all users of this site that the copyright for these photos belongs to Sharp Travel Limited.  If you do wish to use any photographs, please do contact us on contact@mytravelgenie.co.uk.