Things to do before you go away

Going on holiday is meant to be stress free but many of us end up more frazzled by the time it comes to going away because we have so much to do in the run up to that holiday.  We have compiled a checklist below of some of the things you may need to be doing before you go away to try and assist you.  Please feel free to print off and add your own to it.

This first section comes from What to Pack but it’s worth mentioning again:

Organise Money – research exchange rate and buy currency (try and get some smaller change for tips when you arrive) Passports in date?   Also scan copies and save them to a draft email (same for all documents) – if they get lost you can access your email on holiday. E111 in date?
Travel insurance bought/in date? Airport parking/transport to airport or cruise ship booked? Picked up/printed the tickets?
Visa needed? Vaccination needed?  Hire car booked?

The rest!


Locked windows? Set your TV programmes to record? Cancelled milk/papers? Set your timers for your lights?
Tell a trusted neighbour/family member/friend/Neighbourhood Watch you’re away and leave a spare key with them. Organised care for your pet?  (and don’t forget to leave your mobile number and vet’s number and any insurance policy details with the carer) Optional: change bedding so you have nice clean bedding to come home to. Turn off unnecessary electrical devices and plug sockets.
Asked the trusted neighbour/friend/family member to get you some milk in for your return (and leave them some money!). Ironing completed (if doing)? Can your post be seen on your doormat?  If so, arrange for someone to collect whilst away. Going away in the winter?  Ask a neighbour/friend/family member to switch the heating on for you an hour before you are due home.
Lock all doors and don’t put identification tabs on keys (i.e. ‘garden shed’) as you’re making it easier for burglars! Complete your luggage tags but never put your home address on (instead put ‘C/o’ and then a family member or friend’s address. Do you need to check in online? Do you know your luggage allowance (don’t assume anything!)?
Have you booked your airport hotel? Have you booked you excursions (sometimes it can be cheaper to pre-book). Let your bank know you’re going away as it could stop card payments on your account believing it to be a fraudulent spend. Tell your mobile phone company you are going away and turn off data roaming.
Who is looking after your plants?  □ Don’t forget your medical prescriptions for medicines needed whilst away. Do you need to order more contact lenses to take with you? Order toiletries to collect from Boots after customs (avoids restrictions and weight limits)